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Basic Package

The Basic Package includes everything you need to have a website designed, and will be complete and fully functional.

There are some elements we have intentionally not included in the Basic Package.
For example the Basic Package does not include hosting or a domain name by default (they can be added), which are both required to enable people to access your site through the internet.

We have intentionally crafted our website design service this way to enable you to choose a basic core package, and then add whatever services you require from there.
This in no way benefits us, in fact it benefits you greatly by allowing you to choose only services which are required specifically for your company website, and so you don't pay for a bloated package or for any services which you don't need.

For example, this approach allows you to use another company for your domain and web hosting management. As while we can provide these for you and certainly at a reduced price if ordered with the Basic Package, we don't want to force you to be bound by any of our services just by getting a website designed and developed.

This also allows our Basic Package to be very competitively priced, allowing you to order an affordable yet professional website, and any additional services you need can be added later when required, or even at a later date when your budget will allow.

Don't worry if you are not sure what you require. Simply Contact Us or use the Order a Site page (obligation free), and we can commence discussions from there and advise what you need for your specific circumstances.

The Basic Package Includes
Entire site design, including links, icons, layout, colours
5 main pages (some basic additional pages can be provided at no extra cost)
Fully working and secured contact page, with your email address hidden if required
Your company images and text placed on relevant pages
Basic on site SEO, including keyword suggestions and placement
Your company logo implemented on each page
Reasonable changes to your site design during development to ensure final product is satisfactory
Secure back end code developed with current industry standards
W3C Internet Standards validated HTML and CSS code (certificates available)
Domain name registration assistance

If you require any services or functionality not included in the above Basic Package, you can choose them from the Add On or Value Added services.
Or please do Contact Us for a more specific quote if you feel it's required.

Add On Services

The Add On Services Include
Logo Design
We can design your logo as a complete new design, or to suit your company branding or colours. The logo will be relevant to your business and designed and implemented to suit your industry.
Your Company Branding
We can design your new website to suit your current company logo, colours or branding. Whether we are designing the site from new or updating a current site and design you already have. We can also use your company branding in other aspects, such as images, logo, etc.
Image Gallery
If you require an image gallery, we can provide any form of functionality. From a basic on page image gallery, to popup on mouse hover, slide show. The options are unlimited and we can tailor this to suit your business needs.
Web Hosting
Every site needs to be hosted somewhere for other people to be able to access it. Arete Hosting can provide this requirement at a low cost, and with even more savings if you order this with the other packages for a bulk discount. The hosting is high end and the company Arete utilise manage and run their own data centres, so up time and other usual hosting issues are non existent, allowing your site to be online whenever your clients want to access it.
Domain Registration
You require a domain name for your site to be able to be access by other users. We can provide a domain name for you at a very low cost, and manage all aspects if required. With your own domain name, we can also implement your own personal email addresses, such as

If you require any services or functionality not included in the Add On services above, or the Value Added services below, please Contact Us for a more specific quote.

Value Added Services

The Value Added Services Include
Blog or News Site
Sometimes you might want to write about your website services, news, updates, events or more. A blog or news site can be tailored to suit whatever needs your business may have. We can style it to your current website, or a new design altogether if required. The running of the blog will be up to you, however once you become familiar with the software, it is pretty simple to create, edit, remove and administrate your content.
If you are wanting a forum, we can provide pre built forum software (open source) which will be secure, easily maintainable and up to date and current to provide your site or members with a place to post. We can provide a design to suit your current website, or design a new one if required.
Member Login
If you site requires a member base for any reason, we can implement a highly secure login area, with any functionality required. Such as members can view member only material, contact you securely and confidentially, or for any other reason you may want a members exclusive area.
E-Commerce Shop
If you want to sell online, either your products or services, then an e-commerce shop or solution may be what you need. We will implement all the necessary features, such as a product or service selection, a basket, secure checkout area and secure payment methods can also be easily integrated.

The complete package allows you to sell products or services without your need to intervene. Simply check the money has been received in your bank and then provide the services or products. If they are digital services or products you sell, then payment confirmation can be done automatically and your clients receive their goods immediately, or whenever you decide.
Off Site SEO
This is simply marketing your website. It mainly requires placing links to your site on other relevant and highly ranked websites. This is a very niche service, as it requires carefully selected placements for the links to your site in order to ensure you are not penalised from search engines such as Google, and also many other aspects need to be considered such as slow promotion to avoid the appearance you are spamming your site too much. We will discuss all this in plain English with you if you request this feature.
Improve Your Current Website
If you already have a website and simply want the design updating, or perhaps some additional functionality, or some problems fixing, we can assist. Please do understand however that we cannot provide poor or insecure code, and if your website code is already too poorly written or insecure, it may be more cost effective to re-write it all. We will provide a fair and accurate quote however, and as always the choice will then be yours.

If you require any services or functionality not included in the Value Added or Add On services above, please Contact Us for a more specific quote.

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